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covid safe checkinCovid Safe BBQ Boat Hire

We have implemented the latest technology to ensure our customers are as safe as possible.

A recent survey of businesses found that a positive outcome from the Covid pandemic was the excellerated adoption of new technologies.  Here at Gold Coast Party Pontoons that is certainly the case.  We are required to record the contact details of all our passengers for tracing in the event of a Covid infection.  For most businesses that means a very insecure paper and pencil approach.  But we have gone a step further.

We now have QR Code registration for passengers so contact details are stored securely but are also much faster to retrieve by health officials if they are needed.  A true Win-Win that has the added benefit of allowing you to get on the water faster.

Of course we are also sanitising the vessels after every trip including scrubbing the stainless steel BBQ to a bright and healthy shine.